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Neat free utility to improve your system's gaming performance and speed
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Superb Game Boost is a neat and simple free utility designed to boost your system performance especially when playing games on your computer. It focuses on two main areas that may slow down your PC’s performance – processes and Windows services running in the background that are not necessary for your computer’s operation and potentially harmful overheating of your hardware due to long-time gaming.

If your system suffers from constant slowness or if you experience crashes or freezes while playing your favorite game, chances are that some more-or-less hidden processes running in the background are taking up valuable system resources. This program evaluates each of these processes and their resource consumption in terms of CPU, physical memory and high memory usage and presents you with a list of all offending processes for you to decide which can be shut down or left running. Likewise, if your PC or laptop begins to overheat because of long-time gaming, Superb Game Boost will alert you whenever the temperatures of your computer’s CPU, GPU, or motherboard reach a certain threshold and will keep you informed about the speed of the fan.

Notifications for both system optimization and temperature settings can be customized. Thus, you can ask the program to notify you whenever the CPU usage goes beyond a certain percentage or the memory usage exceeds a number of MB. Temperatures can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and you can customize each of the maximum temperatures that the CPU, the GPU, and the motherboard can reach before the alarm goes off.

Superb Game Boost offers you a simple and free solution to various system issues that may produce slowness and/or overheating during gaming time. With just a couple of clicks, your PC will become more responsive and safe, allowing you to enjoy your gameplay longer and more smoothly without clogging your computer.

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  • Simple yet efficient optimization routines
  • You can launch your favorite games from the app
  • Offers valuable temperature information
  • Customizable settings


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