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Superb Game Boost 3.1

Boosts your game performance by optimizing system resources
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Super Game Boost is a game optimizer and enhancer for Windows OS that improves your game performance by freeing physical memory and temporary closing unnecessary background programs. Boosting your game is simple: just click on Superb Boost on the main window and let the program perform the task.

Superb Game Boost has a fully functional real-time temperature monitor. It monitors your CPU, GPU, and Motherboard temperature along with the fan speed. You can view system temperatures and fan speed during the gameplay, which is good if you are gaming and want to keep your system in check.

You can customize Superb Game Boost to alert you if your computer temperature reaches a certain point or if your physical memory usage crosses a certain MB limit. You can also set this program to run automatically in case of temperature and memory conflicts.

Another unique feature of this software utility is the option to take screenshots. Pressing Alt+A keys on your keyboard activates a screenshot making interface and divides your screen into sections and grids. You can either make a new section or choose the one from the offered. You can also edit and enhance your screenshots once you have taken them.

I have been using Superb Game Boost for quite a long time. I often play games and run applications that require hardware acceleration, so this program was a natural match for me. I never had any problems with it. To sum things up, Superb Game Boost features a neat and simple UI, shows all your games in a single place, monitors temperature and fan speed in real time, optimizes your computer, and comes without a price. I recommend using Super Game Boost for your gaming enhancement needs.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Free of charge
  • Simple UI
  • Game dashboard
  • Real-time temperature Monitor that also measures fan speed
  • One-click game boost
  • Efficient screenshot taker


  • No themes to customize the interface
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