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Superb Game Boost is a Game optimizing utility for PC
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Superb Game Boost is a game optimizing utility for your PC. It optimizes PC for smoother gameplay and lag-free gaming experience. It addresses different areas that may affect in-game performance - Window services running in background, RAM usage and temperature monitoring.

Superb Game Boost performs optimization by providing different tools that are easy to use. This program comes with an in-built temperature monitor that plots a graph showing temperature at different interval of time. The temperature monitor is easy to configure and you can monitor the CPU, the GPU, the Motherboard temperatures and Fan speed: both in and outside a game. There is an option that enables temperature monitoring during the gameplay. Temperature monitor can be customized and you can set your preferred temperature values for CPU, GPU and Motherboard. This program sounds an alarm when the temperatures exceed your set values. A must have feature as elevated temperature has adverse affects on hardware performance and gaming experience.

This program automatically detects all games installed on your PC and arranges them in a library. You can also add a game manually. Superb Boost is an option that automatically analyses and optimizes your system’s resources and background services for improving the gaming experience. Superb Boost can be customized and can be set to launch automatically when CPU and Memory usage exceed certain limits.

This program has another unique feature - Screenshot - that can be found in the drop-down menu. Screenshot divides your screen into sections and you can drag the cursor around to select the area of your choice. Upon selection, this program provides different tools that you can further use to customize your screenshot.

Superb Game Boost is a free-to-use solution for improving your gaming experience. This program comes bundled with different tools to boost your gameplay and improve your gaming experience. After a few clicks this program will make your PC faster, smoother and better, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your games.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Easy-to-use optimizing tools
  • Game library
  • Screenshot tools
  • Efficient temperature monitor
  • User-friendly and can be customized easily


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